Innovation Center Iceland operates with the intention of boosting the competitive position of Icelandic industry by augmenting and strengthening knowledge transfer, innovation and productivity of Icelandic businesses. Innovation Center Iceland – which is a leading service institution in the fields of R&D, technology transfer and support to entrepreneurs and businesses – cultivates its role in a variety of ways. The Center carries out statutory tasks in an extensive field while at the same time working atnew and progressive ideas. Innovation Center Iceland is alert to the needs of Icelandic industry and society and responds to urgent assignments in the interests of the economy and progress. Particular emphasis is put onlong-term thinking and the build-up of strategic knowledge.

Partnership projects with the EU have been very prominent in the operation of the technology departments of Innovation Center Iceland in recent years. These will be very beneficial for Icelandic industry, as the EU supports technical collaboration between businesses, institutes and industry such that Icelandic businesses and institutes can carry out projects with the best available collaborators in the European partnership area.

Some examples of professional fields in which work is carried out are listed below. More detailed descriptions of the projects can be found under each item.